The Backstory

Where It All Began

What’s your revolution? For many cigar smokers the revolution started when the Cuban Trade Embargo was signed in February of 1962. For some it started in April 2009 with the SCHIP tax. For others the revolution took place when the FDA was awarded authority over tobacco. Whatever your Revolution may be, we all have something that we’re passionate about: something we’re willing to take a stand for.

In February of 1962, the last thing President Kennedy did before he signed the Cuban Trade Embargo was to buy 1200 of his favorite Cuban cigars. It sounds like an urban legend, but it’s a true story. Now you can smoke the legacy with 262 Cigars, post-revolution seed with pre-revolution flavor.

The Road Thus Far

Clint Aaron talks about Suit & Tie and the History of 262 Cigars. This video debuted at the Nationwide Launch Event, Friday December 11 at City Place Cigar in Downtown Lynchburg, VA.