The Story

Our Freedom to smoke cigars is hanging in the balance. As the FDA’s decision whether or not to heavily regulate premium cigars looms, more and more people are joining in the fight the keep the government’s hands out of our local smoke shops and humidors.

We are reminded of a time when our great nation was on the verge of birth when every person from every walk of life had the opportunity to stand up for freedom and make a difference. Paul Revere was among those who answered the call with selfless courage and made his mark on history. 262 celebrates that passion with our 3rd full release line, the Revere.

Paul was not a member of the political high class, nor was he a great military leader. Although he did serve some time in the military, Revere was an average, blue collar, working class citizen. But, it was his passion for the American Experiment and his sincere belief in freedom and liberty that drove him from obscurity to national hero.

Paul Revere saw his opportunity to play a part. He was tasked with a specific mission, and through dark of night, many altercations with the enemy, and under penalty of death, Revere and others like him played a pivotal role in America’s success in the Revolutionary War.

We christened the Revere in celebration of this passionate spirit. We also hope to inspire this spirit in others as we fight to keep the government out of our humidors. We must stand together, stand strong, and stand free.

Will you sit idly by or join the revolution?

The Cigar

The 262 REVERE is a Nicaraguan puro with a wrapper from the Jalapa Valley, a double binder of both Jalapa and Estelí tobacco, and the filler is a combination of Estelí, Condega and Jalapa tobaccos. The Revere will ship to 262 retailers in the Fall of 2012.

The Blend

Wrapper: Nicaragua: Jalapa Valley
Double Binder:
Nicaragua: Esteli, Jalapa
Nicaragua: Esteli, Jalapa, Condega

Revere Rated 92 by Cigar & Spirits
Revere Rated 88 by Cigar Snob Magazine